Looking for Beta Tester

Hello Everyone,

we are currently searching for some beta testers for our latest, not yet published app.

What to do? Install app. Use it. Report Erros. Suggest Improvements.
You´re interested?
Please write a mail to support@beewhale.com

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27 comments on “Looking for Beta Tester
  1. Yusuf Raja says:

    Nice app

    • Sally Valdez says:

      Zcan you please help me apply the font setting on my nextbook iPad I cannot get it on there and then I did download an app on another device but how do I get it on my o mine

  2. Geerawan says:


  3. KYAWMYINT says:

    general knowledge

  4. Mary says:

    Help me please

  5. robyn arroyo says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for


  6. Metal The Kust says:


  7. lucky man says:

    Help me

  8. fatah says:

    Maret 04 o1 19985

  9. cecep havoc says:

    Very good

  10. http://kusheticafricablog.wordpress.com achi irratti bahuu qaba yaada jedhun yaade akka kiyyatti

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