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Provides 40 different fonts for other applications, like Go Launcher Ex.

This app offers fonts for many other applications.
For directions see advanced in-app help ;)

Supported apps:
- GO Launcher EX
- GO SMS Pro
- GO Keyboard
- Handcent SMS
- ChompSMS
- Pansi SMS
40 different fonts, including Android 4 font Roboto.

Roboto (Android 4.0), AnnieUseYourTelescope, Condiment, Share, Iceberg, Shojumaru, MacondoSwashCaps, Acme, SquadaOne, PatuaOne, MountainsofChristmas, Iceland, Aladin, BubblegumSans, Baumans, Fascinate, SpicyRice, CreepsterCaps, OSP-DIN, CursiveSerif, Alfphabet, Segment14, Dotrice-Bold, MedievalSharp, LiberationSerif-Bold, YanoneKaffeesatz, GoudyBookletter1911, MaidenOrange, Lobster, WalterTurncoat, VT323, CarterOne, Geo, Sancreek, Salsa, Rancho, Schoolbell, JustAnotherHand, Tangerine
Supports App2SD.

You are missing a font?
You found another App that is able to use external fonts?
Write a mail, we will add them to the lists.

34 comments on “Fonts
  1. pam says:

    Pls include jester and happy monkey pls?

  2. loei says:

    Nice aplication.

  3. selly says:


  4. Steve Morrison says:

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I’m using UCCW as my clock and calendar. It allows you to use other .otf fonts in it. Are you able to set up your fonts to be compatible with it?

    Have a great Xmas and New Years!

    Steve :-)

  5. Aung Aung says:

    Good apk!…
    I like very much.

  6. diiddiiii says:

    Wie geht das

  7. mbangu says:

    plz need more app

  8. tupai kecik says:


  9. tupai kecik says:


  10. Annie says:

    Please add Anke Sans font. Please?

  11. Jimmy says:

    how my supposed to come in on the mat if I haven’t tried it yet i just what my Venus style lamp

  12. Jimmy says:

    how my supposed to come in on the mat if I haven’t tried li just what my Venus style lamp

  13. Aylagh MacAnnadh,M.D. says:

    Thank you for the fonts and ago. I’m like Dr Mac y on Star Trek though & all I can say about our computerized new world is………I’m a doctor NOT a ………insert name of techno thing here……I’m at a loss as to how to use these wonderful fonts.
    Dia Duit,

  14. galank says:


  15. oklifia langi says:

    Mountains of christmas font please..

  16. Khalil-ur Rehman says:

    Please include “Jameel Nori Nastaleeq”, an Urdu Font to your Package. Thanks.

  17. Ashley says:

    I cant figure out how to change the fonts i installed the go fonts but i have a. lg g2 and dont know how please help

  18. Matt says:

    Any chance of a feature that will allow us to add our own local fonts (stored on sdcard), i.e. fonts from windows……please?

  19. i can’t f figure my font

  20. Onie says:

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  21. Notepatar Mookmar says:


  22. vipul chudasama says:

    terafont akas
    Plz add them

  23. vipul chudasama says:

    And terafont – varun
    For adrod phone download ya plz

  24. Estelle says:

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  25. Adina Hirschmann says:

    Please add PicSay Pro and WPS (Kingsoft) Office. Also, please make the individual fonts downloadable as zip files. I already have a folder on my external SD card for that purpose.

  26. alisha says:

    Please add the font they use to title american horror story the t.v show on fx thanks

  27. Nouryahya says:

    I like fon style

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