Audio Manager

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Simplest and easiest audio and volume manager.

Control over:
- System volume
- Media volume
- Ringer volume
- Notification volume
- Alarm volume
- Voice call volume

One comment on “Audio Manager
  1. Shaun Appelman says:

    I just downloaded your audio manager application and I absolutely love the program but the only issue I am having is that I cannot adjust the voice call volume due to the advertisement on the bottom of the screen. I have the LG-L38C and I realize that my screen size may be smaller than most android phones, that should not mean things cannot be accessed. If something can be fixed with this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. If nothing can be done, thank you so much for trying to resolve this issue and for reading my complaint. I will continue to use this application either way because it is an excellent settings application. Thank you for your time and have a nice day. Sincerely , Shaun Appelman.

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